Poem for a President

A couple of weeks ago, opposition MP Tursunbai Bakir uluu wrote an open letter to Almas Atambayev, victor of Kyrgyzstan’s recent presidential race. Today Atambayev was inaugurated, becoming Kyrgyzstan’s fourth head of state in twenty years, and the first to whom power was handed over voluntarily. While the vote was accepted as relatively free and […]

Disassociation, Memories and a Boxing Day Banya

25.12.10 Disassociation: It happens when you have spent too long in one place to remember home in the same way you used to, but not a long enough time to call the new place home.

Football coach refers to absence of due process in the South

If the results of the October 10 parliamentary elections were a slap in the face for many northerners, injury has been added to insult on the football field as Neftchi, a club based in the southern region of Jalal-Abad, caused an upset by claiming the Kyrgyz national championship for the first time in their history.

Buttons for Butun Kyrgyzstan

Whilst the Spektator has been reserving most of its limited sympathy for Omurbek Tekebayev, the fallen angel in the 2010 parliamentary election race, spare a thought for Butun Kyrgyzstan, who came agonizingly close to entry into the Jogorku Kenesh parliament and are now taking their grievances onto the street. By one interpretation, which doesn’t include […]


A recent website launch held in Bishkek’s Park Hotel threw up some interesting observations about politics in Kyrgyzstan. Offered by Dutch environmental NGO Milieu Kontakt international, the aim of the event was to acquaint local journalists and civil society representatives with www.vybirai.org, a resource that allows voters in the country to compare the manifesto promises […]

Press Release (BMI) – Photo Competition and Opportunity to go to London

This week the Spektator is offering it’s readers of Kyrgyzstani citizenship the opportunity to participate in a photo competition and travel to London in partnership with British Midland International

8/05/10: Pinta Pub Opening

This week the Spektator will be donning its drinking trousers and heading down to the intersection of streets Manas and Frunze for the opening of Pinta pub. Recalling a meeting our magazine had with the Pinta leadership back in March, Chris Rickleton provides the lowdown on Bishkek’s “better beer people.”

01/05/10: Crossed Wires (Anon)

Whispers and rumours from within the corridors of power as provided by our anonymous interim government ‘contact’.

24/04/10: Into the White House (Patrick Barrow)

This week the Spektator‘s most intrepid idler, leopard-stalking Patrick Barrow, shares his memory of the White House wreckage on the morning of April 8. A jubilant and curious crowd pressed its way through an open door to the White House. The front gates had been smashed through by burnt out trucks, the grounds were littered […]

17/04/10: The Bakievs of Bloomfield Road

When a revolution unseats a government, the economic recovery is seldom speedy. To begin with, there are the days of business lost to the turbulence itself, the potential cost of repairing damaged shop fronts, replacing shattered windows. Then, as customers gingerly trickle back, the creditors arrive, asking for their money. But there is nothing with […]